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7778Re: Partial success (printing now works, startup script doesn't)

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  • darylngee
    Apr 17, 2013

      I use the WPMac Device you're usig and have been doing so through two or three Mac OSX, including, now, 10.8.3. I installed the device, etc., from Ed Mendelsohn's Columbia WP site about two years ago and have no printing problems with my Macbook Air, a recent Epson 3 in 1 printer and a few problems with a much older HP printer.

      You may have to remove all printers from your System Preferences and re-install them. At the same time, your Mac may try to install the most recent printer software, and I would let it do that.

      I use the "print to pdf choice. This action results in a .ps file, which I then print as I would some other word processing program (I use MS Word for Mac).

      If you cannot get SS started (I've had this problem), try restarting your computer, and then restart WP Mac, which should open SS first before opening WP.

      If nothing else works, John R has suggested deleting WP and SS, emptying the trash, and then re-installing (you have to get rid of WP Preferences and related files elsewhere, too!).

      I DID have, at one time, a Macbook which didn't work well with WP—but that was ages ago when the McB had a Sys. 9 emulator. However, I think you're using more recent machines.

      I am not sure about the assistive devices you're trying to install or reinstall, but you might try removing those also and then re-installing. I've got a printer on Bluetooth as well as on USB and (same printer, different ways to access). As a last last resort, talking to Customer Service Reps (800 telephone calls) does help, sometime—either the printer company or Apple. I do not use Applescript much, if at all, in my playing with WP

      Good luck, and let us know what works. Sorry if I am mis-interpreting what your difficulties are.


      > > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "ted_m_p_lee" <tmplee@> wrote:
      > > > I tried enabling access to assistive devices in the accessibility pref -- the error no longer occurs and SS does get started
      > >
      > > FYI to other AppleScripters out there: any time an AppleScript uses GUI scripting, it really needs to check to make sure GUI scripting is enabled first, even if the instructions say to enable it, because people often gloss over instructions ;)
      > >
      > To clarify, if I enable assistive devices I no longer get an error upon running the startup script (main.scpt, I believe -- I'm in a different account right now) and SS does get activated (shows up in the dock as running) but the SS window doesn't come up unless I click on the SS icon in the dock, and it clearly hasn't been positioned (it's shifted about an inch to the right.)
      > I haven't tried the newer startup script under Snow Leopard. I should do that.
      > Ted Lee
      > Minnetonka, MN
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