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7754[wpmac] Re: WP DOS on Mac

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Apr 13, 2013
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      At 22:33 +0000 13.04.2013, userbimbob wrote:

      >i'm wondering how similar the DOS version of WordPerfect is to the Mac
      >i've got Boxer to run another legacy app, and if the DOS version
      >supports fonts and has the show/reveal codes feature...
      >and is it easy to find the DOS version, i've read somewhere it was
      >friendlier than using the win versions...

      I first started using WordPerfect on a DOS machine. I subsequently
      bought a Mac for use at home, and I bought the Mac version of
      WordPerfect. The DOS program could read the Mac WP files seamlessly,
      as I recall, and vice versa.

      WP for the Mac was very Mac-like. WP for DOS was, well, DOS-like.
      If you know the commands, or had the template for the function keys,
      it was a fine word-processing program. WP for the Mac was a
      pleasure. Lovely graphic interface, very intuitive.

      Still using WP for the Mac, thanks to folks here.
      John Joseph McVeigh, Attorney at Law
      Butler, Maryland 21023-0128
      Practice before the Federal Communications Commission
      Member: NY; DC; and USPTO Bars
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