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  • John R
    Apr 6 1:40 PM
      > 2. Trying to double click open a WP file while in OSX gives the interesting
      error box.... "xxxfile" is not in your SheepShaver/Basilisk shared folder
      ("Jazz:users:jrethorst:Documents:"), so I can't open it.
      > I presume this is a holdover from your setup. Can I change this to go find my
      shared folder? FWIW, the file in question IS in my Unix disk. If I go into SS
      first, and then double click on the file, it opens fine.

      I'm astonished that I clearly forgot to recompile the Open WP Files app before releasing it. Apologies, but double-clicking Open WP Files fixes it.

      This will have a better fix in SheepShaver-WP Install 1.5, which I think I can release in the next couple of days. There are many improvements.

      > 3. Printing doesn't work. It goes through the two SAVE windows, maybe makes
      the ps file, but no option to print or PDF, and no effect. Any thoughts?

      Printing uses folder action scripts, which are less than reliable when first set up, at least on Snow Leopard and earlier. The solution is to control-click on any folder and go down the menu to Services, thence to Folder Action Setup. Cancel the list of scripts that appears, and see whether there's a folder named "SS > OSX" in the list of folders with actions, to which is attached a script named "SheepShaver Print-PDF Script 1.4.1", and that folder actions are enabled. If so, a restart should fix the folder action. If not, reinstall.

      John R.
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