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  • darylngee
    Apr 5, 2013
      Steven, I don't have 10.8, but I'll suggest these possibilities:

      #1: Sheepsaver has a Preferences file accessible from Sheepsaver [top left of Mac screen] / Preferences / Audio.Video. From here you can lower the numbers on screen to reduce the full screen size. I've played around with his and gotten some interesting results, and right now, on my Macbook Air, it's set on 896 Width / 672 Height. I may change it because it's a bit small, but not now.

      2. When you ask a Sheepsaver WP file to print, it won't do it. What you get it a window that says, essentially, what format do you want to save to, pdf or...? If you choose the pdf rout, it asks you to name the file, and it saves as a ps file. The ps file is actually a pdf-like file. If you save it with that suffix plus a name (e.g., test file.ps), it will save that file. Then open it—a pdf will appear—and print from OSX to your printer (you have to choose a printer if you have more than one).

      3. Sometimes my Sheepsaver/WP has trouble opening—I won't be specific here—so I end up restarting my computer, and then I click open the WP / Sheepsaver application, and things are fine. I have some old WP files created under some original WP versions, and I have to use WP to open them (instead of clicking on them), but I have mixed word processing files among my WP files, and that isn't usually a problem.

      Hope these suggestions work. Let us know. I'm going to dive into 10.8, but it usually takes a few days to get used to a new OSX, even if it's a Mac, so I have to have some undistracted time.


      > 1. The window is full-screen. Can I make it smaller? (Usually it's too small!) Where is this set in SS?
      > 2. Trying to double click open a WP file while in OSX gives the interesting error box.... "xxxfile" is not in your SheepShaver/Basilisk shared folder ("Jazz:users:jrethorst:Documents:"), so I can't open it.
      > I presume this is a holdover from your setup. Can I change this to go find my shared folder? FWIW, the file in question IS in my Unix disk. If I go into SS first, and then double click on the file, it opens fine.
      > 3. Printing doesn't work. It goes through the two SAVE windows, maybe makes the ps file, but no option to print or PDF, and no effect. Any thoughts?
      > Sorry to bother you.
      > Sincerely,
      > Stephen P. Goff
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