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  • spgoff@verizon.net
    Apr 5, 2013
      This is really for John Rethorst......

      I'm a beneficiary and admirer of your work on SS and WP. I have a couple of questions.

      I'm setting up a new iMac running OSX 10.8.3 and trying various of the SS packages. I tried WPMacApp but found it had lots of issues -- SS desktop turning odd colors upon hiding/opening the window; printing fails even after checking the suggested troubleshooting checks; crashes often. I set up the SheepShaver-WP 1.4.2.dmg files which are generally working, but a couple of issues remain. I suspect much of this has to do with OSX 10.8, which I gather has changed some of the printing aspects. Any advice you can give would be great.

      1. The window is full-screen. Can I make it smaller? (Usually it's too small!) Where is this set in SS?
      2. Trying to double click open a WP file while in OSX gives the interesting error box.... "xxxfile" is not in your SheepShaver/Basilisk shared folder ("Jazz:users:jrethorst:Documents:"), so I can't open it.
      I presume this is a holdover from your setup. Can I change this to go find my shared folder? FWIW, the file in question IS in my Unix disk. If I go into SS first, and then double click on the file, it opens fine.
      3. Printing doesn't work. It goes through the two SAVE windows, maybe makes the ps file, but no option to print or PDF, and no effect. Any thoughts?

      Sorry to bother you.

      Stephen P. Goff
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