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7719Re: Macro question: place variable in Mac OS clipboard?

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  • John R
    Mar 21, 2013
      No idea as to specifics, except that the clipboard can be complicated. It exists as a record, so coercions such as (clipboard as string) are often useful.

      I also don't know whether WP's absolutely first-generation support for Applescript could play a role. I know that property values don't update in a script written to update them, when the script is run with Execute Apple Script.

      For a few reasons, while I see the combination of Applescript and WP macros as a very powerful scripting environment, I like to code the 'big picture' in Applescript, getting only a little bit from WP, e.g. text of document 1, and then work using a largely Applescript structure that sends Do Script commands to WP (you can also send 50 variables to WP, while if a WP macro calls an Applescript there's no way except the clipboard to pass data).

      John R.

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