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7704WPMacApp - revised with default zoom option

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  • em315
    Mar 13, 2013
      John R. suggested a way of setting a default zoom setting in WPMac, and I've put it work in the WPMacApp, the system I put together for running WPMac in SheepShaver:


      The way this works is this:

      An OnStartup macro runs whenever WP starts up; it runs another macro called GetDefaultZoom.

      The GetDefaultZoom macro opens a file called WPZoomLevel. This file contains a number that will be the default zoom level. The macro saves the number to a variable.

      An OnOpenDocument applies the default zoom level to every document when opened. (There is a New Document Template in the Templates folder so that the OnOpenDocument macro runs whenever a new document is created.)

      A Set Default Zoom macro lets you enter a different number which gets saved in the file called WPZoomLevel.

      This system is a bit fragile in that everything breaks if the WPZoomLevel file is missing. I've tried to work out some error-checking routines, but haven't succeeded. Any suggestions will be welcome.

      By default the zoom level is set to 100. If the system breaks, you can turn the whole thing off by editing the OnStartup macro and removing the line that runs the GetDefaultZoom macro.
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