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7674CorelCENTRAL Planner & Card files (WP Suite 8 for PC)

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  • thomasslatis
    Feb 13, 2013
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      I am thrilled to find this WP Mac group and hope the following question is within its scope:

      I would like to open files on my Mac OSX 10.6.8 originating from WP Suite 8/CorelCENTRAL (for Windows95) called Planner.ccp and PlannerAbookExt.cca. These are accompanied by files with the same name and but file extensions *.fx, *.fx2, *.ix and *.ix2.

      When opening the file PlannerAbookExt.fx2 with TextEdit on my Mac I find among the bit trash fragments of email addresses and contact info I would like to recover.

      Any ideas how to open/convert the file, as well as the other supporting files, into readable format?

      Much obliged for your assistance.

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