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  • em315
    Feb 10, 2013
      The snowstorm gave me some time to spend in adding a feature or two the WPMacApp that runs WPMac under SheepShaver, and which is based almost entirely on John's SheepShaver-WP system.

      I've added two Applescripts that run from the OSA menu (the little script icon near the right-hand side of the menubar). They are:

      Open Unix Folder - when you run this script from SheepShaver, the current "Unix" folder opens in OS X. In other words, if the "Unix" older in SheepShaver is the same as the Documents folder in OS X, when you run this script in SheepShaver, your OS X Documents folder opens in OS X.

      Run OS X Command - this prompts you to enter a command that will run in OS X, as if you had run it in the OS X terminal. For example, you could enter "open /Applications/Calculator.app" (without quotation marks), and the OS X calculator would open in OS X. You may need to experiment with this.

      The second one isn't really designed to be useful as it stands, but it gives expert users something to modify so that it can become useful to them. For example, it's now possible to write a WP macro that can save a document to the Unix folder than run an Applescript that will open the document in an OS X application in order to e-mail it, archive it, convert it to another format, etc., etc.

      Same download link as before:


      Incidentally, I found that the OSA Menu sometimes stopped working, apparently because its preferences got corrupted, so I've locked its preference file. If you need to change the preferences, just unlock that file.
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