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7660Re: [wpmac] [OT] Apple's future

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  • Richard Wagoner
    Jan 26, 2013
      Just like how well IBM did my licensing their designs for PCs � People forget that for every success in licensing in the PC world (mainly Microsoft); there are hundreds of casualties.Only low-cost producers prevail and innovation stagnates.

      The same argument was made for having Sears sell their well-known brands (Craftsman, Kenmore, etc) at non-Sears-owned stores. Really does a lot for Sears stores � not.

      On Jan 25, 2013, at 8:15 PM, Rick Albright <logres@...> wrote:

      > Yes, like the comment that they should run their products on other platforms. That's a very old complaint, dating, I believe, to the 1980s. Nothing really new here.

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