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7646Re: [wpmac] Joining This Yahoo Group

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Jan 25, 2013
      At 17:23 +0000 25.01.2013, ghulseman wrote:

      >--- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "J.J. McVeigh" wrote:
      >> >I mentioned this Yahoo group on MacFixit primarily for the awesome
      >> >SheepShaver + WordPerfect build that is posted in your Files
      >> >section. Apparently a few folks are having a problem joining this
      >> >group. I've been a member of YahooGroups for some time, so this
      >> >wasn't a problem for me. Is there an easy way to join this group
      >> >that I can share with MacFixit? Thanks for your help.
      >> I'm one of the list mechanics. From what I see, there are no queued
      >> subscription requests awaiting action.
      >> It is possible to submit a subscription request simply by sending an
      >> email message to:
      > > mailto:wordperfectmac-subscribe@yahoogroups.com,
      >> but unless one has a Yahoo ID and password, one will not be able to
      >> access the Files page.
      >> If one points a web browser to:
      > > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wordperfectmac/> ;
      > > one should be able to submit a subscription request by that means.
      >So John, is the first step to establish a Yahoo ID and password?


      How to do so:
      <http://tinyurl.com/a8j6ubn> .

      One then navigates to the front page associated with this list,
      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wordperfectmac/> ,
      and submits a subscription request, or does so via email, using the
      email address that I previously supplied:

      Or one reverses the order: one submits a subscription request via
      email, and then obtains a Yahoo ID so that one can access the Files
      page and archived list traffic.

      > Do you just create a Yahoo mail account?

      That is not necessary, but I believe that Yahoo now creates a Yahoo
      mail account fror one when one obtains a Yahoo ID and specifies an
      account password.

      John Joseph McVeigh
      Butler, Maryland, USA
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