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7615[wpmac] Re: Converting/Retrieving Old WPMac File into SheepShaver

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Dec 19 3:10 PM
      At 20:50 +0000 19.12.2012, wpfanclub wrote:

      >Hello All,
      >Thank you for your great help and patience. I'm throwing in the
      >towel. I've bollixed my drive somehow, apparently incapable even of
      >reading clear instructions from your generous members.
      >I still think this is an amazing project, and only wish Mr. Gates
      >had not won the war against DOS and WP with his endless succession
      >of junk prouducts.
      >I will be recommending this site to the rare fellow-traveler (but
      >only if he/she is also conversant in UNIX!)
      >Happy holidays,

      I would not throw in the towel just yet. When I first tried
      Sheepshaver, I had some problems that got resolved,
      counterintuitively, by downloading an installing an *older* version
      of SheepShaver. Ever since then, I've been using it without incident.

      Being able to use WordPerfect 3.5ep for the Mac was well worth the set-up.

      So, my suggestion is to download an older version of SheepShaver,
      install it, install Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0.4, and the install WP 3.5ep.

      Or try the very impressive WordPerfect Appliancethat Edward
      Mendelsohn has conjured up...


      To: wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com
      From: "em315" <em315@...>
      Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 03:24:10 -0000
      Subject: [wpmac] Improved WPMac Appliance (alternate SheepShaver and
      WPMac system)

      I've made some improvements in my WPMac Appliance system (WPMacApp).
      This is an alternative to John's SheepShaver-WP system, and about 97%
      of this alternative system is taken directly from John's system.

      The main difference between this system and SheepShaver-WP is that
      this is one is self-contained - the "classic" disk image is contained
      inside the application. This new version also finally removes the
      need for a visible folder in OS X for transmitting data between
      SheepShaver and OS X. (It uses a hidden folder in the user folder
      instead.) Also, it prints or creates PDF without any special setup,
      but if offers to set up direct printing to any OS X printer if you
      prefer faster printing or a specific printer. As before, it can
      toggle between a quasi-full-screen mode and windowed mode. And, of
      course, you can double-click on an WP file in OS X and have it open
      in WPMac in SheepShaver.

      The new version has a few other improvements, including Smokey's and
      John's technique for clicking a hyperlink in WPMac and having it open
      in Safari in OS X. That's part of the 97% that derives from John's

      The same link still applies:



      You won't be sorry.

      John Joseph McVeigh, Attorney at Law
      Butler, Maryland 21023-0128
      Practice before the Federal Communications Commission
      Member: NY; DC; and USPTO Bars
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