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7607Re: [wpmac] Re: Converting/Retrieving Old WPMac File into SheepShaver

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Dec 19, 2012
      At 19:52 +0000 19.12.2012, arh1015@... wrote:

      >Hi John, and thank you for the clear instructions. Short answer: no
      >I have not done anything @ SheepShaver preferences (yet) -- I'm
      >embarassed to say I lookd for SS Preferences yesterday and could not
      >find them ... a signpost would be most welcome!

      There are two ways to set up or to modify SheepShaver preferences.

      Method 1.

      a. Launch SheepShaver.

      b. In the SheepShaver pull-down menu, which appears in the menu bar
      at the top of your OSX desktop, position the pointer of your mouse,
      trackpad, or trackball, depress the (main) button on your pointing
      device, slide down to Preferences, and then let go of the button.

      c. A dialogue box will open. The dialogue box will be entitled
      Virtual Machine Settings. it will have three tabs. The leftmost
      tab is called Setup. That's where you specify the location of the
      folder that will be your Unix Root virtual drive. It's also where
      you tell SheepShaver where to look for the MacOS ROM file, where you
      specify the amount of RAM the program is to use, etc. It's also
      where you specify or create the virtual drives that will appear on
      the desktop file within the SheepShaver window. those virtual drives
      are actually Mac OSX files with a .dsk extension. There are also two
      other tabs, Audio/Video and Miscellaneous, which have various options.

      d. After you have set the preferences the way that you want them,
      click on the Save button at the lower right-hand corner of the
      Virtual Machine Settings dialogue box.

      e. Then quit, and then relaunch, SheepShaver.

      Method 2.

      a. Launch the SheepShaverPrefs application, if you have downloaded
      and installed it. SheepShaver need not (and, if I recall correctly,
      should not) be running.

      b. A dialogue box will appear that is almost identical to the one
      described in connection with Method 1, above.

      c. Configure Preferences as desired.

      d. Close the dialogue box associated with the the SheepShaverPrefs
      application. There is no Save button, as there is in the dialogue
      box described in connection with method 1, above. The
      SheepShaverPrefs application will automatically quit.

      e. Launch SheepShaver. You might want to then go to the SheepShaver
      Preferences as described in steps b and c of Method 1, above, to
      verify that the settings which appear comport with those that you
      selected using Method 2. If so, then Bob's your uncle.

      John Joseph McVeigh, Attorney at Law
      Butler, Maryland 21023-0128
      Practice before the Federal Communications Commission
      Member: NY; DC; and USPTO Bars
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