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7606Re: Converting/Retrieving Old WPMac File into SheepShaver

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  • em315
    Dec 19, 2012
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      Do this, and follow each step EXACTLY:

      1. Start SheepShaver.

      2. With SheepShaver running, from the top-line menu in OS X (NOT the top-line menu in SheepShaver), click SheepShaver, then click Preferences.

      3. You should see a menu with a title something like "Virtual Machine Settings." Make sure that you are in the Setup tab.

      4. Look toward the bottom of the Setup tab. You will see an entry labeled "Unix Root". Towards the right of the SAME line, you will see a button that says Browse. Click that button. Navigate to a folder that you recognize (Desktop, Documents, some other folder that you recognize and can remember). Choose that folder.

      5. You should now see a plausible-looking entry in the box next to "Unix Root". For example, if your user name is "Roscoe", and you chose your Documents folder in step 4, then you will see something like /Users/roscoe/Documents - but of course you must NOT type in /Users/roscoe/Documents because your username is probably not "Roscoe" and you may have chosen a different folder.

      6. Do NOT change anything else in this menu!!

      7. Click Save.

      8. SheepShaver may display an error message about the Unix folder. IGNORE THAT MESSAGE.

      9. Before you do anything else, shut down SheepShaver completely. Do not click "Restart" on the Special menu in SheepShaver. Click Shut Down.

      10. In OS X, copy a WP document into the folder that you selected in step 4.

      11. Now open SheepShaver. You should find that WP document in the Unix folder.

      If anything goes wrong, then print out this message and follow every step exactly, checking off each one as you proceed, until it all works correctly.

      If any of this is unclear, then print out and study the setup guide found here:


      Look ONLY at the section headed "Configuring SheepShaver." Do NOT follow any other steps that you see in that guide!

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "wpfanclub" <arh1015@...> wrote:
      > Thank you EM315! I installed SSWP 1.4 Also, when I looked at my SS Unix Drive, the "mirror" files/folders from my OSX were bizzarre -- a few random documents (recent downloads from firefox), a couple of random folders. In other words, there is no "mirror" verison of my OSX drives/directories/files/folders in my SheepShaver Unix Drive ... so I can't "find" the old WP doc inside SheepShaver. Make any sense? Maybe I need to reinstall.The main drives on my OSX don't appear in SheepShaver Unix "disk."
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