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7601Re: Converting/Retrieving Old WPMac File into SheepShaver

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  • em315
    Dec 19, 2012
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      That conversion guide was designed for older versions of OS X that ran "classic"; I don't think it has any useful information for anyone using current SheepShaver setups, and would only cause confusion.

      Before anyone can tell you how to get a WP file to open from the OS X desktop, we would need to know exactly what you installed - was it SheepShaver-WP 1.4 or something different?

      Meanwhile, if you want to open it from WP itself, what you need to do first is figure out which folder in OS X is the same folder that appears as the unix folder that you see in SheepShaver. If that sentence is impossible to understand, please ask for an explanation, and someone here can provide it.

      To avoid confusion, then shut down SheepShaver if it is running.

      Then, when you are absolutely certain that you know which folder in OS X is the same folder that appears as the unix folder in SheepShaver, find your document in the OS X finder or on the OS X desktop or wherever it is, and in OS X - in OS X, NOT in SheepShaver - move the file into the OS X folder that is the same as the unix folder in SheepShaver.

      Then start up SheepShaver, start WP, and open the file from the unix folder.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "wpfanclub" <arh1015@...> wrote:
      > That is a great idea em. Perhaps even a PDF attached to an email to the group for easy access ...
      > Meanwhile, does anyone have a few-step suggestion for how I get an old WP3.5e doc that is on my desktop to open in the SheepShaver system? I've tried clicking on it several different ways and also tried transferring it by drag-drop to the UNIX shared folder drive in SS, but to no effect. It's crazy because when I click on it and do "Get Info" from OSX (10.6.8) it has a preview of the first page, but I just can't figure out how to open it!
      > Thanks to anyone who can help. (I am not a clever programmer or IT person like most people on this site seem to be!)
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "em315" <em315@> wrote:
      > >
      > > John,
      > >
      > > Conversion Guide.pdf is posted here in a StuffIt .sit archive. OS X 10.6 doesn't have any built-in way of opening a .sit archive, so the archive opens as nonsense in TextEdit, exactly as "wpfanclub" said. Perhaps it could be posted instead either as a plain PDF or in a ZIP file?
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