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7583Re: [wpmac] Adding tildes to characters in Wordperfect

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  • Paul Cowan
    Dec 11, 2012
      On 11 Dec. 2012, at 20:18, Doug Auwarter wrote:

      > for a tilde, type option-n and then whatever letter you want, like ñ, ã, etc.

      The etc. means: õ. Indeed, as you can see in Key Caps, the ˜ dead key applies only when you next type a, n or o. or the corresponding capitals. Not a problem for Portuguese, but what the OP wanted was ĩ and ũ, and that *is* a problem.

      It was possible to edit the dead-key maps in ResEdit, but the characters would still appear only if they existed in the font.


      P. (^_^)

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