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7578Re: [wpmac] Adding tildes to characters in Wordperfect

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  • Doug Auwarter
    Dec 11, 2012
      I left out the umlaut. It's option-u and then the letter. � or �, etc.
      On Dec 11, 2012, at 5:40 PM, John R wrote:

      > This solution is lower to the ground than other suggestions but
      > seems to work.
      > I first type option-N: this keystroke will place the tilde
      > diacritical over some letters, such as n, if that's typed next.
      > Doesn't work for u, though: when I type a u, the tilde appears
      > above and to the left of the u.
      > I then go to the kerning buttons on the Layout Bar, and click the
      > Kern Left button about 30 times, depending on font. This moves the
      > u underneath the tilde.
      > A macro could automate that.
      > John R.

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