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7559Re: Managing legal captions with WordPerfect when switching to a Mac

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  • sardisson
    Nov 27, 2012
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "mnplyches" <diostarcraft@...> wrote:

      > I've also tried using LibreOffice on the Mac, with much success. It actually does a very good job of handling .wpd files on OS X, but again, whenever I run into documents that use the caption box, LO does something very funny. Rather than erasing the caption box, as Word does, it treats the box as a floating element over the text, with the end result that the box has to be "pulled back" from the text in order to read it.


      > I've heard that NeoOffice is another approach, although it isn't free. How well does NeoOffice for Mac handle caption formatting for .wpd files? If it works well, I may just purchase that app, and use that to make the conversion.

      Just for the record, as Edward Mendelson alluded to in one of his responses, the LibreOffice/NeoOffice/Apache OpenOffice trio all use the same library for their WordPerfect conversion, libwpd (http://libwpd.sf.net). So if it doesn't work properly in LibreOffice, it's unlikely to work in NeoOffice, either. (It's not clear to me whether this would be a bug in libwpd's document conversion itself, or in the document display in LO; I've seen both before, though typically issues have been edge cases in libwpd's conversion ability.)

      If you can provide a sample document using this caption box feature (just that feature would be best) as well as a PDF of what it is supposed to look like in WPWin, I'm sure Edward or I would be happy to take it to the libwpd folks (we've both worked with the libwpd folks before). It's unlikely to be fixed right away, so it wouldn't help you, but it would help improve libwpd for the future.

      In any case, best wishes on the conversion; I hope one of Edward's other suggestions works for you!

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