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7546Managing legal captions with WordPerfect when switching to a Mac

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  • mnplyches
    Nov 25, 2012
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      Hey all,

      This is my first post in this group, and I'd like to begin by saying thank you for letting me join! :)

      I have a very specific problem that I'm hoping you fine folks here could set straight.

      I'm working as a legal assistant in a small law office, and we are making the transition to Macs. All well and good, except that the majority of our files and folders are in the .wpd format. We've had Windows XP running with Wordperfect 10 on there, which is what the office has used for years.

      Now that we are switching to Macs, none of us are interested in keeping the .wpd format, as we would be using MS Office for Mac 2011. We want to convert the Wordperfect documents to Word .doc files, for maximum compatibility.

      I've got a couple questions involving this. The first is, can anyone recommend a good method to batch convert the files while perserving the caption of wordperfect files? I've tried a couple with Windows, but they haven't worked so well.

      Actually, I should back up a bit. Most of the conversion won't be an issue, as the formatting and footnotes should remain the same. However, for several legal documents, such as summons, complaints, etc., the document contains a caption, which is a block of header text at the top of every document, contained inside a box.

      This is where the issue comes in. I can use the old copy of MS Word 2003 from Windows to open the WP file, and save it as a doc, without much issue. However, during the conversion, the caption box is invariably erased, so while the text is there, the box is not. Is there a way to avoid this, or to redraw it within Word?

      I've also tried using LibreOffice on the Mac, with much success. It actually does a very good job of handling .wpd files on OS X, but again, whenever I run into documents that use the caption box, LO does something very funny. Rather than erasing the caption box, as Word does, it treats the box as a floating element over the text, with the end result that the box has to be "pulled back" from the text in order to read it.

      Obviously, neither of these are acceptable options for me, or for the office if we are to get our forms and templates moved over from .wpd to .doc successfully.

      Interestingly enough, whenever I open a .wpd file with Wordperfect, and save it as a .doc file, Word cannot open it. I've tried this with both WP 10 and X5, and with Office 2003 for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac, but neither of them can open the file at all. It gives me an error message that the file is corrupt. So for some reason, WP can't export .wpd to .doc, and preserve the formatting. Converting from Word 2003 is no problem, except for the formatting.

      So is there a way to fix the caption box issue within LibreOffice or Office for Windows? If so, then if there is no reliable way to batch convert the files, I can always manually convert the files using either program, and make the edit to the caption box as necessary.

      I've heard that NeoOffice is another approach, although it isn't free. How well does NeoOffice for Mac handle caption formatting for .wpd files? If it works well, I may just purchase that app, and use that to make the conversion.

      I've also heard that the Batch Conversion Wizard for Office 2003 can batch convert .wpd files, but if it mangles the caption, then it won't work for me or anyone else.

      I apologize for my verbose post, but this is really a tough question I've been grappling with for a couple of weeks, and it's time I got to the bottom of it once and for all! Once I do, I can finally help to move the office over to a full time .doc setup.
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