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7535Re: WPMac macro question

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  • em315
    Nov 21, 2012
      Hello John,

      Here's a curious thing about WP macros, and I wonder if you know a solution.

      The macro I'm working on prints the current document to a virtual printer. When I print the document manually, the print file takes the name of the document, followed by .ps. For example, if the document is titled "The Meaning of Life", then the print file is saved as "The Meaning of Life.ps".

      But when a macro includes the Print command, the print file is named "untitled.ps", not "The Meaning of Life.ps".

      Is there a way to force the Print command in the macro write the print file with the name of the document?

      Thanks for any advice on this - and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the US variety of Thanksgiving.
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