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7509[wpmac] Re: How To Adjust Mac To 256 Colors When Running SheepShaver

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Nov 15 7:44 PM
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      At 02:57 +0000 16.11.2012, britbloke wrote:

      >Thanks for the response. "Monitors" does not show up in the Control
      >Panel in Classic/SheepShaver.

      It does for me, and it appears to have some effect *within the
      SheepShaver environment.* I checked that before writing my message.

      What version of the Operating System are you using within the
      SheepShaver environment. I am using OS 9.0.4. I installed it from
      an OS 9 installation CD. As part of that installation, the Monitors
      Control panel was installed.

      John Joseph McVeigh
      Butler, Maryland, USA
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