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7443Re: WP MacAppliance Status Window and Macro Help press

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  • John R
    Sep 17, 2012
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      > Once again, I want to emphasize that 90 percent of this system is essentially John's work, and 9 percent is essentially Smokey Ardisson's work. Only the bugs, errors, and the remaining 1 percent are mine.

      It looks to me like Ed's WPMacApp has several substantial improvements over my Sheepshaver-WordPerfect Install, and I don't know that there's a need for me to continue updating the latter (aside from supporting code-signing or installation instructions for OS 10.8, forthcoming), unless a development like Open WP Files, or the Symbolic Linker Tom found, comes along that's important enough to warrant another release of a package. I may continue to update the SS volume itself, but it's already what I would want in an OS9 computer, so I don't know what more to add. I could of course become inspired by / emulate / steal the advanced printing and VM of WPMacApp, but what's the point? :-)

      John R.
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