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7442Should anyone switch to WP today? (Was: Where is the last free . . .)

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  • John R
    Sep 17, 2012
      > If you are accustomed to using WordPerfect for Windows or WordPerfect for DOS, then you probably should not try WordPerfect for the Mac, which is an entirely different program. It's only really suitable for people who have been using it since the 1990s.

      Interesting question! Having struggled to obtain useful output from Word 2008 (but not 2010), and wondered about the continued health of the other commercial offerings (Mariner Write, Mellel, Nisus), I think an argument can be made that WP Mac is a plausible choice for a word processor by a person who hasn't used it before.

      It does need an emulator, but the two Sheepshaver-WordPerfect setups available (perhaps especially WPMacApp) make installation and operation transparent to the user. As well, I think we've achieved an astonishing level of integration with OSX: printing to paper and PDF, dictionary and thesaurus lookup, web access from text links, open WP files from OSX. The price is right, for both program and support, and support here seems at least as good as for many commercial products.

      More importantly, the design of the program itself is IMHO simply better than anything else ever released for the Mac. WP's intuitive elegance, speed and ease of use brought many of us here over the years; these reasons seem as legitimate today as when the program was still sold. The enhanced outliner was reviewed as the best available in any word processor; Gero's DocCompare is about a light year ahead of what the competition offers; the WPLO Converter provides excellent file transfer with MS Word. What's not to like?

      John R.
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