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7366Re: [wpmac] Can't open WPMacApp on PowerBook G4 running OS 10.5.8

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  • David Barnett
    Jul 29, 2012
      Is it possible that the version of sheepshaver you have is Intel only?
      You can tell by doing "get info" on the sheepshaver application file.
      It probably says "Intel". The latest released "Universal" binary is

      http://www.xs4all.nl/~ronaldpr/sheepsha ... 120211.zip

      It should be safe to substitute this one for whatever you are trying to run.


      On 28 July 2012 22:25, bcowley360 <bcowley360@...> wrote:
      > I have been happy with OS 10.4 for some time. Unfortunately, I now have to run software that requires OS 10.5. Recently installed 10.5.8 and have obviously lost Classic (sigh). Ultimately will try to install Sheep Saver, so I can run legacy OS 9 apps, but I really need WP Mac. Excited to see WPMacApp (many thanks to creator) and downloaded it. The online documentation indicated that this is what I should use if I'm running OS 10.5.8 on a PPC machine. But when I try to open it, I get "You can't open the application "WPMacApp.app" because it is not supported on this architecture. Makes me think it only runs on Intel-based Macs, but online documentation suggests otherwise. Any suggestions regarding how to make it run on my PowerBook G4? I have scoured all the online documentation I can find.
      > Many thanks and apologies in advance for this "simple" question.
      > BDC
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