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7312Re: [ANN] SheepShaver-WordPerfect Install 1.4

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  • em315
    May 23, 2012
      If you're referring to my WPMacPPC Appliance, and you have it working, I don't see any strong reason to update it. If you're interested in trying it, however, you can do so without interfering with the one you've got. The download is here:


      This one has a printing system that doesn't require any hoop-jumping to set up, but if you have WP up and running already, then there's no advantage to setting up another version. WordPerfect itself is the same as it's been for the past dozen years.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Jim Voelzow <jvoelzow@...> wrote:
      > I have a 3 year old version of WPMacPPC running on my MacBook Pro w/ 10.6.8. Recalling the hoops (rom, printing, OS) I had to jump through to get it up and running reliably (which it is), I am wondering if it is advantageous for me to install a newer version of either WPMacPPC or the latest SheepShaver-WordPerfect (which I understand is set up for Intel machines and has some bells and whistles.)
      > If it is advantageous, which one is recommended, and how would I effect the installation over what I have? (i.e., Are there specific instructions available as to what I need/don't need, what to keep/copy, how to ensure printing, etc.) As I said, WPMacPPC from 2009 is working, and I hope these aren't stupid questions, but I'm not interested in fixing what ain't broken for marginal (?) gains.
      > Lastly, thanks to the both of you who have developed the tools allowing us to continue to use the best word processing app ever.
      > Jim Voelzow
      > Labor Relations Consultant
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