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7224Re: [wpmac] Making a new disk in Sheepshaver

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Mar 10 10:55 PM
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      Brilliant and succinct, as always.
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      > John R <mailto:johnrethorst@...>
      > 10 March 2012 21:25
      > Go to Sheepshaver Prefs (on the Application menu, with SS running) and
      > create a new disk. Then, as a separate step, add that disk to the
      > volume list. Then shut down, i.e. quit SS (just restarting won't
      > work). Start up again. You'll be told that a disk is unreadable; do
      > you want to initialize it? Click Yes and give it a name.
      > Drag-copy everything from the old disk to the new. On the new disk, go
      > to the System folder, locate the Finder, and double-click it. This
      > "blesses" that new system.
      > Open SS prefs, select the old volume, and click Remove. Shut down and
      > start up again. You should be up and running with your new disk.
      > N. B. the drag-copy will not copy items on the SS (i.e. the old
      > volume's) desktop. Drag those items off the desktop onto the old
      > volume's window first.
      > John R.
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      > Geoff Gilbert <mailto:geoff@...>
      > 10 March 2012 17:18
      > John
      > Forget the email below. Sorted it. Deleted English (USA) from WP
      > folder. However, how do I increase the size of the ShSh disk. Do I
      > just create a new one and then copy across (and how do you copy across
      > from a .dsk file)?
      > geoff

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