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7193Re: [wpmac] Re: WP docs altered by SS - can we open them with the lates version og libreoffice?

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  • Thomas Clayton
    Jan 25, 2012
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      A Short superficial history

      OpenOffice.org = OO.o (at some time back, still existent)

      2 --> Go-OO (some time back, for two or three yr.s, now gone)

      3a --> NeoOffice (Go-OO Re-written to be Mac OS X (Cocoa?) native)

      3b --> LibreOffice (Go-OO programmers break away from Oracle)

      [ --> are indicators of "spin-offs" / code forks ]

      OO.o original, now, has a "Mac OS X version", as does LibreOffice. (I don't know if it was the transition to Intel chips, or something else, but they both offer versions for "modern" MacOSX.) NeoOffice, which was 'always' a little behind, may have 'caught up' (or not) but they offer(ed?) "native" OS X versions. (These are based upon the much improved versions coming, originally, from Go-OO and now LibreOffice.)

      Basically, NeoOffice is an 'off-shoot' of OpenOffice (with 'improvements' ).

      Thomas Clayton
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