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7126Re: Classic (6.x) Emulation in OS X (3,.x, 4.x) on PPC

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  • gabi_kp4bjd
    Dec 7, 2011
      I first ran 4th Dimension version 2.2.1 (I believe with OS9 with a PPCÂ…but memory fails me); then upgraded to version 3.0 until the OS required I upgrade to version 2004. I presently use 4th Dimension Version 2004.8 with Snow Leopard v10.6.8, and have been using it successfully since Mac OS Panther v10.3.9. I recall using "4D Tools" utility to convert my dataBases all the way up to version 2004, which required several steps for each upgrade 4th-D version that followed. I believe you're in need of upGrading from a system prior to Mac OS9, and I encourage you give a phone call to the folks at 4th Dimension as I am sure they''ll help you convert any previous version you have to one that runs on the Mac OS you prefer. You may have to use appropriate Mac model or emulators with the OS they can support. My apologies to the WP Group for replying to this off-topic question. Gabe Fuentes

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Clayton <topcatdrc@...> wrote:
      > Dear Group:
      > Having "lurked" for quite a while, I'm fairly familiar with what this group is - and isn't - about. This is one of those OFF-topic to this group inquiries. I'm asking because of the emulation experts that "reside" here.
      > The 'gist' of the situation is this:
      > A friend's wife had handed over "her" PPC iBook G4 running OS X (Tiger (10.4.x), I think; at least Panther (10.3.x)), two weeks ago and he had wanted to "resurrect" his old ?"4th Dimension"? relational database work, somehow, onto it. He still would like to.
      > [....]
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