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7122Classic (6.x) Emulation in OS X (3,.x, 4.x) on PPC

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  • Thomas Clayton
    Dec 7, 2011
      Dear Group:

      Having "lurked" for quite a while, I'm fairly familiar with what this group is - and isn't - about. This is one of those OFF-topic to this group inquiries. I'm asking because of the emulation experts that "reside" here.

      The 'gist' of the situation is this:

      A friend's wife had handed over "her" PPC iBook G4 running OS X (Tiger (10.4.x), I think; at least Panther (10.3.x)), two weeks ago and he had wanted to "resurrect" his old ?"4th Dimension"? relational database work, somehow, onto it. He still would like to.

      He has an old Mac SE and, until last week, a working SE-30, also. The SE has a 40MB HDD (or just floppies?) and the SE-30 HAD an 80MB HDD. (The HDD failed. Nothing yet - of his - on it, as far as I can tell.) I think system 6.x was on those SE's. _I_ don't think "4D" would recognize 32-bit System 7.x es. (I could be wrong.)

      Question: is it possible to find a system 6.x 68K emulator to run over OS X on PowerPC?

      WAS there SUCH a thing?

      Maculation didn't seem to reference any such thing.


      Thomas Clayton
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