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7090Re: Does WPMac use the "WP IBM Char Sets" or "WP Envelope Fonts"?

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  • John R
    Nov 4, 2011
      The envelope fonts, made for the Mac version, are used to print bar codes corresponding to a zip code. File size itself, outside the suitcase, is 13,120 bytes.

      Character sets are, IIRC, used for compatibility between Mac and DOS or Windows versions of WP. I've never used them, but I think you can put them in a Mac file and they will produce characters when the file is opened in DOS or Win (after, I guess, being saved as a suitable file type).

      Both files are in the Files section here.

      John R.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "em315" <em315@...> wrote:
      > Corel distributed a set of "WP IBM Character Set" fonts with WPMac 3.5e or some other version, and I've been including it with any WPMac/SheepShaver or Basilisk system that I've put together. But it seems that WPMac doesn't actually use those fonts. If I import a WPDOS file that includes text in the WP Character Sets - exactly the character sets that are represented by those WP IBM Character Set fonts - WPMac doesn't display the characters; they're visible in Show Codes as WPCharacter 7,46 or some similar number, but the actual character does not appear in the text.
      > So, is there any reason to have or use those WP IBM Character Set fonts, except maybe to insert individual characters by hand?
      > Thanks for any advice on this.
      > While I'm asking, I also found in my Fonts folder a font suitcase called "WP Envelope Fonts" - it's empty. Should it have anything in it?
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