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7070Re: [wpmac] PPC Apps in Lion?

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  • Chad Smith
    Oct 24, 2011
      Again, Apple controls the hardware and the software. So they had to write /
      have written the drivers for the new hardware on the new OS. It would stand
      to reason that if they so chose, they could port those same drivers to the
      older OS.

      We're not talking about incapable OSes - in fact I haven't heard of any
      "Lion Only" applications. The only incompatibility is Lion can't run
      everything Snow Leopard can run - not the other way around (I'm talking
      about the PPC apps).

      It is 100% Apple choice. And one I completely fail to see the logic in, and
      do not appreciate.

      However, since Snow Leopard Server will run on VMWare / et. al. - There is a
      work around. So I will live it.

      My statement about "seriously questioning ever buying a new Mac" was if no
      other OS would run on it. Since Linux / Windows / etc. are still
      compatible, I'm ok. When I bought my first new Mac, (Original White MacBook
      mid-2006) - I justified the cost by telling myself "It can run Mac, Window,
      and Linux - all at the same time... So it's like getting 3 computers - but
      only better, because they are all in the same portable, stylish box!" I
      rarely use Windows, and only really "play with" Linux - but they are still
      installed on my MacBook Pro - just in case.

      The suggestion to put this on an Apple Forum is a good one. I'll put my
      thoughts together and do so.

      Thanks to everyone for their insight and information.

      *- Chad W. Smith*
      *"I like a man who's middle name is W."*
      President George W. Bush - February 10, 2003 bit.ly/gwb-dubya

      On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Patrick Sheffield <
      psheffield@...> wrote:

      > **
      > The problem is that the newer hardware - say the gfx card - will not have
      > existing drivers in the older OS. Sometimes this can be worked around by
      > installing the proper drivers into the older OS, but sometimes it's CPU
      > support that is built into the kernel.
      > Patrick Sheffield
      > Sheffield Softworks

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