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7059Re: [wpmac] PPC Apps in Lion?

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  • Bob Stern
    Oct 21 12:47 PM
      >Chad Smith wrote:
      >it's even more disappointing that because of Apple's desire to
      >control everything, you can't emulate it on top of Lion, like you
      >can with say Linux or Windows, (VMWare Fusion / Parallels Desktop /
      >QEMU / Bochs / etc.).

      Apple's end user license agreements for Snow Leopard and Lion do not
      preclude installing Snow Leopard in a virtual environment, i.e., as a
      guest OS. They merely require that you purchase as many copies as
      you install.

      The Lion end user license agreement has an additional clause
      permitting installation of *extra* copies of Lion in a virtual
      environment, but this clause does state or imply that it negates your
      basic right to install one copy of Snow Leopard in a virtual

      A member of another list reported success running Virtual Box in Lion
      and installing Snow Leopard client as a guest (virtual) OS. He said
      Virtual Box displays a warning about Apple's license agreement, but
      it then allows you to proceed with the installation. However,
      Virtual Box apparently wants to avoid responsibility for interpreting
      and enforcing the OS X license agreements, so it officially refuses
      to support installation of any OS X client in as a guest OS.

      Bob Stern
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