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7058Re: [wpmac] PPC Apps in Lion?

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  • Chad Smith
    Oct 21, 2011
      I never knew that. I wonder what the thinking is. I mean I know most
      people wouldn't ever want to install an earlier version of OS X - but why
      make the effort to actively prevent it from happening?

      I mean it sounds like it's not just a matter of "oh, well the old software
      won't work because the hardware is new" - the impression I'm getting is that
      Apple is locking it out on purpose. Which confuses me.

      The only thing I can think of is if it is related to the liscencing of
      Rosetta, that they are making sure it won't work for contractual reasons.
      But from what you just said, it sounds like it is standard procedure for
      Apple - not something unique to Lion. Again, such a practice is weird to me.

      Chad W. Smith

      On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 12:55 PM, em315 <em315@...> wrote:

      > However, you absolutely cannot boot an EARLIER version of OS X than the one
      > that the new machine was designed for. So the 2011 MacBook Air that I'm
      > writing this on (I wish I owned it) will NOT boot Snow Leopard. But any Mac
      > first released BEFORE July 2011 will boot Snow Leopard. That's the way Apple
      > has built all its machines for the past ten years. There's an earliest OS
      > version for each machine, and you can't go back beyond the earliest.
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