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7042Re: [wpmac] [ANN] John's WP Font Sampler

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  • John Kaufmann
    Oct 17, 2011

      In a message dated 2011.10.18 00:14 -0500, John R wrote:

      > This creates samples of fonts installed on your computer, with your choice of text, fonts, sizes, and attributes, e.g. italics and bold. More flexible than similar programs I've seen, and makes careful comparison of typefaces easy.

      Unfortunately I can't sample your Sampler (since a daughter took the Mac
      to school), but I'm intrigued: In WP 4 or 5 (early 90s) on AOS, DOS and
      Unix, WP used to do font classifications and comparisons for matching
      purposes using font metrics defined in WPDL (WordPerfect Printer
      Definition Language). Unfortunately that all went away with WP/Windows,
      with Windows managing the fonts (less well, IMHO), and I never really
      learned how WP/Mac fonts were managed. Do your font comparisons use the
      WPDL definitions? - if not, how?

      John K.
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