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6972Re: Reveal Codes (was: page numbering problem)

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  • John R
    Aug 10 10:55 AM
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      Cool! Much better than my advice to extract text and start over.

      This problem of rogue codes is one disadvantage of inline formatting codes compared to other programs' paragraph-specific formatting.

      But inline codes work better overall, a point tacitly acknowledged by Microsoft when they gave Word 2007/2008 an XML-based file format.

      Rogue codes' appearance when subsequent formatting separates the code from the text it's meant to apply to is hard to avoid without paying careful attention to the codes window while formatting text, which is time-consuming.

      Locating the code would be a matter of (in the case of page numbering), turning numbering on at the top of the document, then going forward page by page in Print Preview until the discrepancy appears, then looking at that page in the Codes window.

      Anyone have any other thoughts?

      Why the line numbering code should affect page numbering in the first place is another question.

      IAC when I paste text from any source into WP, unless I specifically want formatting, I choose the Paste Special... > Text command. I've assigned a keystroke (cmd-shift-V) to Paste Text, rather than use the two-step menu access.

      Tom, thanks for bringing this up.

      John R.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "tjrostaf" <TJRostaf@...> wrote:

      > John, I just figured this out, three years later, thanks to Reveal Codes.
      > The culprit that made page numbering revert to 1 was this code:
      > Pg#.1, Arabic
      > Preceding it was this code, which may or may not have contributed to the "corruption" of the document:
      > Line #: Off
      > Once I deleted both codes, page numbering was fixed.
      > I first discovered the same problem in another, later document, and am very happy to have thought, finally, of going to Reveal Codes. These rogue codes crept in when I pasted something into the document from the internet or, in the 2008 case, from TextEdit. (It was April Fool's Day, too....) But go to opt-F2 and the problem is easily solved. Just more testimony to the robustness of WP. Tom
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