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6968Reveal Codes (was: page numbering problem)

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  • tjrostaf
    Aug 9, 2011
      > 2a. page numbering problem
      > Posted by: "Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D." TJRostaf@... tjrostaf
      > Date: Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:46 pm ((PDT))
      > Hi, Everyone.
      > I have run into a strange glitch in page numbering in headers. I have a
      > document of about 20 pages, including a couple of graphics (.jpg photos
      > pasted in) and a number of paragraph styles. For some reason the page
      > numbers reset: page 15 becomes page 1 and later pages follow the new
      > numeration. If I delete the header and create a new one, the same thing
      > happens. There are a few other glitches. If I try to create page
      > numbers (not in a header), the page number only appears on one page.
      > Also, the header does not show up in Reveal Codes, though it can be
      > found and deleted via Find Codes. Deleting preferences and restarting
      > WP fails to repair this. I have also tried to insert the file into a
      > new document (following the usual procedure of making a new document,
      > typing a space into it, then inserting the existing file) but the
      > page-numbering glitch is still there. Is this a bug, or do I have a
      > corrupted document? I am running WP 3.5ep in OS 8.6 SheepShaver in OS
      > 10.4.9 on a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro (generally everything has worked very
      > well thanks to all the advance work by many on this list, lately I have
      > been trying out the new SheepShaver_KD_11_April_2008 build available
      > from eMaculation, it's nice to have the text insertion cursor align
      > properly -- the page numbering problem first appeared using the January
      > 2008 builds that I had been using), and would appreciate any advice.
      > Tom
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      > 2b. Re: page numbering problem
      > Posted by: "John Rethorst" jrethorst@... jrethorst
      > Date: Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:28 pm ((PDT))
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D." <TJRostaf@...>
      > wrote:
      >> > Is this a bug, or do I have a corrupted document?
      > I've never seen anything like that before, so my guess is a corrupted
      > document. Try Save As, retaining Text, Attributes and Graphics. If
      > the problem persists, Save As again retaining Text and Attributes.
      > Then try saving just text (this tip is in Tips & Macros). When I have
      > something like this, though, I often just save as text, and then
      > paste the graphics in and assign styles again.
      > John R.

      John, I just figured this out, three years later, thanks to Reveal Codes.

      The culprit that made page numbering revert to 1 was this code:

      Pg#.1, Arabic

      Preceding it was this code, which may or may not have contributed to the "corruption" of the document:

      Line #: Off

      Once I deleted both codes, page numbering was fixed.

      I first discovered the same problem in another, later document, and am very happy to have thought, finally, of going to Reveal Codes. These rogue codes crept in when I pasted something into the document from the internet or, in the 2008 case, from TextEdit. (It was April Fool's Day, too....) But go to opt-F2 and the problem is easily solved. Just more testimony to the robustness of WP. Tom
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