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6965Re: [wpmac] [ANN] Outlining Documentation 1.0.1.pdf

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  • Allan Potts
    Aug 9, 2011
      --- On Tue, 8/9/11, John R <johnrethorst@...> wrote:


      This is the manual for WP's enhanced outlining module, added as macros in version 3.5 and incorporated into the program in 3.5e. Released here in PDF format for ease of use in OSX systems, and still available as a reader document for OS 9.

      I hope this may encourage more WP users who are less familiar with outlining to try the enhanced module. There's no other single step I can think of that can improve anyone's writing as fast as outlining.

      Free in the Files section here.

      John R.


      John: Wow. That's all kind of over-my-head. I'm a writer and found one of my old diskettes from my Mac Plus days. Trouble is, I can't open it on my old Mac that was in the addict (not the right software. I have been told my WE FIX MACS, in Santa Clara, who is going out of business that the Mac Plus used "Word Perfect" (perhaps, "Corel"). So, I trying to find where I could purchase one as the info on the old diskette is valuable to me.
      Thanks, AG Potts.
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