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  • John R
    Aug 1, 2011
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      Not entirely on-topic but of interest to many members. This New York Times article explains the many security updates in the Lion OS (10.7), and then notes:

      > With the security threats so limited, it isn't vital to have these features right now, Mr. Dai Zovi says. "There are always a few rough edges in an initial release, and there might be some incompatibilities with various applications," he says. "These kinks are usually worked out by the .1 or .2 releases, and that would be a better time for most users to upgrade."

      Add to this the thoughts of Don Williams, who writes Overture, a great music notation program, in the forum at http://geniesoft.com/forum/:

      > From what I have read, DO NOT UPGRADE TO LION. Even Logic Express 9.1.4 the latest version does not work. Shame on Apple. I'm lucky Overture and Score writer work.

      FWIW, and a WTTW (word to the wise-- is that a legit web abbreviation?)

      John R.
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