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6891[ANN] Minor improvement to WPMacPPC Appliance

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  • em315
    May 21, 2011
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      One of the annoying things about existing versions of my WPMacPPC Appliance (a system that runs WPMac under SheepShaver running system 7.5.5 - the system runs on Intel Macs but emulates an old PowerPC Mac) was this: when it started up, WPMac was NOT the foreground application. The foreground application was an AppleScript that ran in SheepShaver during startup.

      I've now fixed the AppleScript so that WordPerfect is the foreground application when SheepShaver starts up. It still (deliberately) doesn't open with a blank document, because you may want to open an existing one, but you can press Cmd-N to create a new document.

      If you already have the WPMacPPC Appliance, all you need to do is replace the old version of the script with the new version, which is downloadable in this ZIP file (which should be opened under OS X):


      Unzip the ZIP file to find the ~Run Open WP Files script. Open the WPMacPPC Appliance, and quit the existing ~Run Open WP Files script. Open the WPMacPPC disk on the desktop, open the Startup Items folder from the Alias in the window. Replace the existing ~Run Open WP Files script with the new one. You might also want to replace the backup copy of the script that you'll find to the right of the Startup Items alias in the window. Restart the WPMacPPC Appliance.

      You can also download an updated version of the full WPMacPPC Appliance from its usual download link:

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