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6841[ANN:} Revised version of WPLO Converter

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  • em315
    Apr 24, 2011
      I've improved the WPLO Converter application, which converts WP files to DOC, RTF, or PDF format, or converts most modern file formats to WP format. The new version eliminates the annoying delays in the previous version, and eliminates the problems that occurred when the other one was unable to start up some background services.

      This version does NOT yet include the ability to convert WPMac files with Japanese, Chinese, or Korean text; that will be possible when a future version of LibreOffice includes that ability.

      The WPLO Converter includes a reduced version of LibreOffice and other software that performs the conversions. The application uses an AppleScript to feed files to the actual conversion software; this AppleScript is based on earlier scripts by Smokey Ardisson.

      The download link is (as before):