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6835New version 1.0.2 of "Open WP Files" available, can fix Spotlight problems

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  • Smokey Ardisson
    Apr 24, 2011
      Yesterday John R. posted a new version of "Open WP Files" that I sent
      him. v1.0.2 is recommended for everyone who has "Open WP Files" set
      as the default app for handling WP files in Mac OS X and who uses
      Spotlight to find WP files by content.

      I noticed last week that all of my WP files had a dynamic Spotlight
      content type (kMDItemContentType or Uniform Type Identifier [UTI])
      and that Spotlight wasn't indexing those files with Gero Herrmann's
      fantastic WordPerfect Spotlight importer. I eventually realized the
      problem was that "Open WP Files" was Mac OS X's default app for
      handling those WP files but the app did not define any UTIs for the
      files. The new v1.0.2 of "Open WP Files" now shares most of the UTI
      definitions from Gero's Spotlight importer.

      Unfortunately, just installing the new version of "Open WP Files" is
      not enough to fix existing files. I had to change the owner for each
      file ("Open with:" in the file's "Get Info" window in the Finder) to
      some other app and then change it back to "Open WP Files" to get the
      OS to assign the correct UTI to the files. Then of course I had to
      make Spotlight re-import the affected files.

      A file that has the correct Spotlight mapping (either to begin with,
      or after you've fixed it) should have this kMDItemContentType in the
      output of the 'mdls' terminal command:

      $ mdls /path/to/foo.wpd
      kMDItemContentType = "com.corel.wordperfect.doc"

      To cause Spotlight to reimport a corrected file, use 'mdimport':

      $ mdimport /path/to/foo.wpd

      or, after fixing all files, to reimport them all at once:

      $ mdimport -r /path/to/WordPerfect.mdimporter

      Note that if you have set some other Mac OS X app to be the owner of
      your WP files and that app doesn't have the UTI defintions in its
      plist, that app could cause similar problems and prevent Gero's
      importer from importing the content of your WP files. Those other
      apps will also have to have their plists updated to include the UTI
      definitions (I know Edward Mendelson is in the process of updating
      his "WPMacPPC Appliance").

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