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6820Re: [wpmac] Re: What is WordPerfect Mac 4?

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  • Syth
    Apr 15, 2011
      On 13-Apr-2011, at 15:37, topcatdrc wrote:
      > I do remember reading that the Mac file system - original HFS ! - had a four character limitation in it. The extension (in today's OS X) and the old file type (creator was different??) is usually, up to, four (single-byte) characters.

      Mac OS had a 4 character field for storing file types, yes. These could be any four characters. It also had another 4 character field for storing the application associated with that file (the creator). For example, in BBEdit, the combination of TEXT/R*ch indicated that the file was a normal text file, and that it should be opened by BBEdit (R*ch) as opposed to, say, teachText (TTXT, IIRC).

      None of this had anything at all to do with extensions.
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