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6780Re: What is WordPerfect Mac 4?

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  • em315
    Apr 7, 2011
      "WordPerfect Mac 4" is simply the name that SheepShaver-WordPerfect applies to WPMac 3.5e. When WPMac 3.5e was being developed, it was intended that it would be released as WPMa 4, but then development stopped and Corel released it as WPMac 3.5 Enhanced. The SheepShaver system gives it its intended name. Otherwise, it is byte-for-byte identical with what you are familiar with as 3.5e. John Rethorst is the author of that system, and may want to chime in here.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "jolinwarren" <freecycle.2006.jolinwarren@...> wrote:
      > One question I have, though -- SheepShaver-WordPerfect comes with WordPerfect Mac 4. I'd never heard of this, what is it? The last version I was aware of was 3.5e.
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