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6707Re: [ANN] Another WordPerfect to DOC/RTF/PDF converter

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  • em315
    Mar 1, 2011
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      I've posted a revised version of this converter:


      If you want to open the converted file automatically, open the WPLO Converter in the AppleScript editor (ignore any warnings about the dictionary not being scriptable), and near the top change the line that reads:

      property openFile : false

      so that the last word is true, not false, like this:

      property openFile : true

      This will cause the converted file to open in the default application for that format.

      If you want the file to open in a different application from the default application for that format, then look at the lines below that read

      property docApp : ""

      If you want to use (for example) TextEdit to open converted DOC files, then insert TextEdit between the quotation marks. You can do the same for the rtfApp line to specify the application that will open RTF files, and the same for the pdfApp line to specify the application that opens PDF files. You do NOT need to specify these applications - the converted file will open in the default application unless you specify a different one here.

      Remember, you must change property openFile to read "true" (no quotation marks) if you want the converted file to open after it is created. If you do leave property openFile as "false", then any change you make to property docApp (or property rtfApp or property pdfApp) will have no effect. The docApp, rtfApp, and pdfApp options ONLY have an effect when property openFile is set to true.

      If you find this converter useful, please feel free to visit this page:


      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "peterehre" <peter.ehrensperger@...> wrote:
      > Helo
      > would it be possible to change this script to open the converted WP-File in Pages?
      > Regards
      > Peter
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