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6652[wpmac] Re: [ANN] WP Regular Expression Search 3.0

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Jan 20, 2011
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      John R wrote:

      >What OS are you on? Also, have you tried restarting?
      >I would also, if you haven't done it recently, rebuild the Classic
      >desktop. This is done in System Preferences > Classic > Advanced.

      Sorry, I meant to include such information in my prior message.

      My main OS is 10.4.11 on a Dual G5 Power mac.
      The Classic OS is OS 9.2.2

      I took your suggestions. I restarted the computer (not merely
      Classic), then I rebuilt the Classic desktop. All is now well.

      Thank you for the suggestions.

      John Joseph McVeigh
      Butler, Maryland, USA
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