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6616Non-Critical Problem Noted

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  • Joseph Bush
    Dec 15, 2010

      Today I was working with WP then JPEG Viewer. I forgot that I had
      quit both programs (isnʻt eggnog great this time of year?) and
      clicked ʻHelpʻ -> Mac OS Help on the Menubar by mistake. SheepShaver
      opened the help dialog but crashed before populating it with text.

      I rebooted SS, got the message about improper shutdown & let Disk
      First Aid do itʻs thing. I then deliberately retraced my actions
      after quitting WP and without running another program. Verified that
      clicking on Help -> Mac OS Help generates an unpopulated help dialog,
      then crashes SS. Program-specific help files seem to display fine.

      Not a big issue for me, as I donʻt normally use the Mac OS Help in
      SS, but thought Iʻd post it in case the help files got misplaced or
      went missing in the build (1.2.5), or maybe got clobbered during my

      Anyone else notice this?

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