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6612[ANN] Regular Expression Search 2.0.1

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  • John R
    Dec 14, 2010
      This update to the powerful search utility offers compatibility with SheepShaver. I plan to do more work on this, to make it faster and smoother in operation, but 2.0 crashed when run on SheepShaver, and this update fixes that.

      I also will incorporate the suggestion made on this list some time ago, that the search results dialog stay open after a search is complete, so that other text can also be found without starting over.

      Free in the Files section here. From the description in the readme:

      Regular Expression (or GREP) searching is a powerful word processing and text editing tool. It takes a few minutes to learn, after which you have better access to and control over your documents.

      WordPerfect’s standard Find command lets you search for occurrences of the word “apple” in your file. But instead of searching for a specific word or phrase you may want to search for a certain kind of word or phrase. That kind could be one of a list of, say, “apple”, “orange”, “plum”, “pear”. Or it could be any word that starts with “p” and has four letters, or any word starting with “p” and having four letters, the second and fourth of which are within the first half of the alphabet.

      You can search for a telephone number from any country or configuration followed by a space and then a word that starts with an upper case vowel. If you can conceive of the kind of text â€" the pattern that describes it â€" you can search for it, and optionally replace it with text described by a similar pattern.

      John R.