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6489SheepShaver constantly crashing

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  • Richardson George
    Oct 8 9:16 AM
      I've been using SheepShaver for some years now and on this particular MacBook Pro since I got it new in January. Mostly, I've had no problems.

      In the last month or so, it has been crashing on opening. Often, it crashes before getting to the blue start up screen, sometimes it crashes within a minute of getting to the desk top.

      Other times it crashes when I print to the Adobe PS printer. When it crashes when something is sent to the Adobe PS printer, it actually just freezes and I have to do a force quit of SheepShaver.

      Console has several lengthy "User Diagnostic Reports", but they mean nothing to me. Also, there is the "Console Messagees" report. The most recent Console message is as follows:

      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] SheepShaver V2.3 by Christian Bauer and Mar"c" Hellwig
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] Reading ROM file...
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] Using SDL/coreaudio audio output
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] WARNING: Cannot open /dev/sheep_net (No such file or directory). Ethernet will not be available.
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] Detected CPU features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] PowerPC CPU emulator by Gwenole Beauchesne
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] WARNING: Unknown DiskStatus(6)
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] WARNING: Unknown DiskStatus(6)
      10/8/10 8:49:28 AM [0x0-0x4e04e].org.wpdos.wpmacppc.sheepshaver[661] WARNING: Unknown DiskStatus(6)
      10/8/10 8:51:20 AM SheepShaver[789] Warning once: This application, or a library it uses, is using NSQuickDrawView, which has been deprecated. Apps should cease use of QuickDraw and move to Quartz.
      10/8/10 8:52:54 AM [0x0-0x57057].com.yourcompany.SheepShaverPrefs[766] WARNING: Unknown preferences keyword 'ignoreillegal'

      Does anyone have any suggestions for a cure?

      George Richardson

      Collaborative & Mediation Professional
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