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6478Wordperfect to MS Word conversion

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  • gareaud@rogers.com
    Sep 19 6:45 PM
      > I need to convert wp into word can you help? Please!

      > Thank you,

      Save your WP document in Word 6 format. It will then open in Word 95/2003 and Word 2007 in Windows, and in Word 2008 on the Mac.

      If you don't see Word 6 as an option in the Save As dialog, download Conversions 2.1.2 from the Conversions folder in the Files section here. Quit WP and put this folder in the same folder as the WP application, unless you've designated another folder as the WordPerfect [application] Folder in Prefs. Rename the folder "Conversions", replacing any folder of the same name. Restart WP and you should see the Word 6 option in the Save As dialog box.

      To convert from Word to WP Mac, save the Word document as RTF, which WP will then open.

      BTW I'd like to write a Word > WP conversion, which should be easy now that Word uses XML for its format. But I looked at a Word 2008 (Mac) document in a text editor, and saw nothing that looked like XML. A shame, since this conversion would be very helpful. Did I miss something?

      John R.
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