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6441Re: [wpmac] Re: Sheepshaver basic question

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  • Rick Albright
    Aug 23, 2010
      I'm using the SheepShaver version with the blue desktop and ship's wheel. The "About Sheepshaver" brings up: 2.3.20091025.

      I think I figured it out. When I launch WordPerfect, I have to look for files in Unix. Then I can see all my files and folders. I must have forgotten to do that.

      I thought that when I first installed the program, I was able to double-click on WordPerfect files in the (OSX) finder, but I can see that this doesn't work. Nor can I drag and drop files from OSX folders onto the Sheepshaver desktop.

      But as long as I have a way to open my files, I'm fine. Thanks for your help and your patience. I've been on this list for a long time (though a newcomer to Sheepshaver, as I always ran PowerPC machines in the past), and the list members are very helpful and very patient.

      Rick Albright

      On Aug 22, 2010, at 11:03 PM, em315 wrote:

      > Which version of SheepShaver are you using? The one with the blue desktop and the ship's wheel startup screen, or the one with the gray desktop and the Mac OS startup screen?
      > And when you say that you click on the file icon, do you mean the icon of a WordPerfect document file? And how are you trying to copy or move files to the SheepShaver desktop - exactly what procedure are you trying to use?b
      > And it's not a stupid question at all!
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Rick Albright <logres@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > This is a stupid question, but . . . when I first installed Sheepshaver (my system is 10.6.4), I could open WordPerfect files just fine. All of a sudden, I can't. If I double-click on the file icon, I get an OSX error message saying the Classic environment isn't supported. If I launch sheepshaver and WordPerfect, I can't "see" any files not in the Sheepshaver desktop. But I also can't copy or move any files to that desktop.
      > >
      > > I didn't have this problem before. What am I missing? I can't find any instructions that relate to this on the site. I've been trying to search the message database all evening for an answer and keep getting this message: "Search server is busy (code=300). Please try again later."
      > >
      > > Rick Albright
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